Restore Group Coaching

  • Do you have questions about how to implement your limbic system retraining program?
  • Would you like to take a holistic approach to rewiring, including integrating somatic and grief recovery practices?
  • Are you feeling frustrated by resistance to retraining?
  • Would you benefit from accountability?
  • Would you like to heal in connection with others who understand the unique challenges of healing?

My structured group coaching classes

are designed to provide group connection and support, accountability, and guidance to help you take a holistic approach to rewiring.

Classes are comprised of no more than 20 participants and meet for an hour each week, at the same time, over Zoom. 

Group coaching classes are only available to members of my monthly membership, Restore. To be notified when Restore opens, join the waitlist. 

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Join me for 10-week classes this fall!

*Deeper Dive Group Coaching is reserved for those who have previously participated in group coaching or individual coaching with Sarah and want to go deeper. If you have worked with Sarah in the past and are interested in Deeper Dive Group Coaching, please email support [at] sarahjacksoncoaching [dot] com.

10-Week Group Coaching


Because group coaching is only open to members of my monthly membership, Restore, members will be emailed a link to register for group coaching as soon as it opens in September. 

Join the Restore waitlist below to receive notifications when its doors open again this fall!

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