A monthly membership to help you
release stored trauma, rewire your brain, and step into soulful rest.

A holistic healing toolkit with a video library, live virtual classes, and Q&A's.




Restore will be open for 48 hours on June 28th and 29th 
before closing again until the fall!

Don't Stay Stuck.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

🌿You are more than just a body. 

🌿You are more than just a brain.

🌿You are more than just a soul.

Not tapping into all of the healing power wired into you is not just a loss of potential, it's also a disservice to yourself and the world.

This is the only place where you will find a holistic approach to healing that engages the somatic (body), cognitive (mind), and the spiritual (soul) parts of who you are.

Stop surviving and start living!


What tools are inside the RESTORE membership?


Learn to signal safety to your limbic system via its language of sensation

Reset your vagus nerve to move your nervous system toward regulation

Engage gentle movements to regulate your nervous system in its varying states of sympathetic activation, freeze, and dorsal vagal shutdown

Break up tension patterns to introduce relaxation and regulation to the nervous system


Engage new ways of thinking about yourself, your body, your relationships and your life

Practice imaginative visualizations to signal safety to your survival brain, so your body can release stored trauma

Process grief and anger productively, in small doses that keep you inside your Window of Tolerance

Tend to shame, bringing the story of your inherent value into your body


Engage imaginative spiritual practices like breath prayer, Ignatian Prayer, and Lectio Divina that form the heart and rewire the brain.

 Practice self-compassion, and learn to see yourself through the eyes of mercy.

 Essential to your healing is opening to this story of mattering, because you matter.

 Spiritual formation is where we let God teach us the worth of our soul and the goodness of our body. This process then transforms the way we use the tools.

How do I know if RESTORE is for me?

RESTORE is for you if any of the following are true:

• You want to address anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, or chronic invisible illness at the root

• You want to take a holistic approach to rewiring, with special emphasis on body-based (somatic) methods 

 You've been rewiring for awhile and want to fill in the gaps of the program you've used 

You are new to nervous system work and want a single hub to explore and integrate holistic modalities for healing the nervous system

Be your own medicine.

When you join RESTORE, you get the tools, education, and lifelong practices
to start living a life of health, beauty, and creativity. 

Access to the library.

Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge with this monthly membership, which gives you access to an expansive video library blending holistic techniques and education to help you find freedom from anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, and other symptoms of nervous system dysfunction.

Access to virtual classes.

A monthly pass to my virtual class Release, Rewire, and Restore, offered the second Sunday of the month. The class is offered again, the second Monday of the month, for those who can't make Sunday's class — or who want to come to both. Class recordings are included in the membership.

Q&A Forum.

This is the place to ask questions and get answers - learning and discovering the solutions from questions asked by others. I'll answer as many questions as possible in Q&A videos that will be added to the video library.

"RESTORE has helped me with depression and pain. I had tried 6 other brain retraining programs before RESTORE and hadn't seen much progress. I finally started seeing results with Sarah because she taught me how to fine tune my practices. Sarah's program is the most in-depth and complete that I have found. She presents information in an easy-to-understand format. I really like that there is a small monthly fee to join. I have recommended her program to several of my friends."


I can’t wait to have you join me on this
life-changing journey.

01: Join the RESTORE waitlist.

Membership is not always open. The doors open 3-4 times a year, and spots fill up fast. Reserve your spot today and don’t miss out!

02: Secure your spot.

When the doors open, you will choose your plan to get access to the video library, monthly virtual classes, and the community forum.

03: Start your journey.

Start your journey with your RESTORE membership and unlock the power to transform all areas of your life.


"RESTORE has given me emotional stability that I never thought possible. Having grown up in an alcoholic family with decades of stress, chaos, people pleasing, and many compulsive behaviors, I have white knuckled my way through life. I've survived. Or so I thought. These classes have helped me understand my mind, my body, my survival brain. I didn't even know rewiring was possible. I have such hope now. I feel stronger every day."


A pathway to transformation.

There are two ways we can rewire our nervous system:

1. Show it the truth.
2. Tell it the truth.

Although telling ourselves the truth about our inherent value and unique power to heal is an important part of rewiring the brain, the nervous system is most powerfully transformed when we show it. 

We can show it with experiences and imaginative pictures. 

This journey starts with engaging the practices in the RESTORE video library and classes.

These will help you show your nervous system what it craves: safety, dignity, and connection, with gentle, focused consistency. 

 And if brain rewiring feels overwhelming to you? You can start small. Healing starts with taking the time to be intentional in small moments and allowing that to accumulate into a large shift.

Join the RESTORE waitlist!

Restore will reopen for 48 hours on Wednesday, June 28th and Thursday, June 29th.












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"RESTORE has been a lifeline during the healing process, and doing somatic therapy has been something I look forward to every day. It is the calmest, most grounded part of my day. Before joining the membership, my body wasn’t responding to the neural retraining program I was in. I needed a bridge to signal safety to my nervous system, and now neural retraining is so much easier. Now I use them both, and it’s a game changer. Well worth every penny to feel myself again."


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