A monthly membership to help you release stored trauma,
rewire your brain, and step into soulful rest

More than anything, you want your life back.

You want to feel safe and at peace in your body.

You want to live fully engaged — body, mind, and soul. 

But right now, you're missing out, not fully participating in your own life.

You shouldn't have to keep throwing money at doctors and waiting for a mental or physical diagnosis to numb symptoms - especially when there are other options. 

Be your own medicine

Nervous system dysfunction can play a significant role in chronic systemic illnesses like Lyme, CFS/ME, POTS, MCAS, and MCS, as well as mental health challenges like anxiety disorders and depression. 

Releasing stored trauma and re-patterning the nervous system brings the body back into homeostasis where anxiety and depression can abate and the body can fight infection, heal the gut, balance hormones, and repair at a cellular level. 

Restore Offers

a blend of somatic, cognitive, and spiritual practices and education to help you take a holistic approach to releasing stored trauma, rewiring your brain, and stepping into soulful rest: 


• Learn to signal safety to your limbic system via its language of sensation

• Reset your vagus nerve to move your nervous system toward regulation

Engage gentle movements to regulate your nervous system in its varying states of sympathetic activation, freeze, and dorsal vagal shutdown

Break up tension patterns to introduce relaxation and regulation to the nervous system


Engage new ways of thinking about yourself, your body, your relationships and your life

Practice imaginative visualizations to signal safety to your survival brain, so your body can release stored trauma

Process grief and anger productively, in small doses that keep you inside your Window of Tolerance

Tend to shame, bringing the story of your inherent value into your body


• Engage imaginative spiritual practices like breath prayer, Ignatian Prayer, and Lectio Divina that form the heart and rewire the brain. 

The folder entitled "Spiritual Formation” is devoted to these spiritual practices.

"I can’t begin to tell you how important these tools have been in my healing. After experiencing a long plateau, they were the missing piece of the puzzle. They helped me turn the corner to begin functioning again. Thank you for sharing your work with us!"

Restore Testimonial

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How do I know if Restore is for Me?

I created Restore for you if any of the following are true:

- You want to address anxiety, depression, and/or chronic invisible illness at the root

 - You want to take a holistic approach to rewiring, with special emphasis on body-based (somatic) methods 

- You've been rewiring for awhile and want to fill in the gaps of the program you've used 

- You are new to nervous system work and want a single hub to explore and integrate holistic modalities for healing the nervous system 

What Members Are Saying


Restore has been a lifeline during the healing process, and doing somatic therapy has been something I look forward to every day. It is the calmest, most grounded part of my day. Before joining the membership, my body wasn’t responding to the neural retraining program I was in. I needed a bridge to signal safety to my nervous system, and now neural retraining is so much easier. Now I use them both, and it’s a game changer. Well worth every penny to feel myself again.


A couple of weeks ago, I began having some panic episodes that were incredibly profound in the morning with heart-pounding and racing. So, I would work through a past class from the Restore library each morning. Immediately upon finishing each class, my heart rate would be regulated for the remainder of the day. Thankfully, after two weeks of morning classes, I am no longer experiencing these symptoms and feel regulated and resourced enough to mother my children and engage in life as I want. I'm so thankful for the gift of nervous system regulation and the coaching videos available in Restore to help get me there. It has made all the difference in my life. THANK YOU!


Restore has given me emotional stability that I never thought possible.  Having grown up in an alcoholic family with decades of stress, chaos, people pleasing, and many compulsive behaviors, I have white knuckled my way through life. I've survived. Or so I thought. These classes have helped me understand my mind, my body, my survival brain. I didn't even know rewiring was possible. I have such hope now. I feel stronger every day.


After spending the better part of six years in bed with chronic invisible illness and  trauma, I know the immense grief: 

  • You lose meaningful relationships 
  • You lose the capacity to work and have financial stability
  • You lose the capacity to dream about the future
  • You lose a sense of safety and peace in your own body

Finding health was elusive. But I didn't stay there - I got my life back by releasing stored trauma and rewiring my brain.

Combining PhD studies in Spiritual Formation, apprenticing with a Somatic Practitioner, and training in BioSpiritual Focusing, I've applied my knowledge, skills and experience to help more than 4,000 people navigate their journey toward healing. 

I’ve blended polyvagal theory, principles of neuroplasticity, somatic processing, and spiritual formation to create Restore, a holistic healing membership to affirm and transform every part of your person.

My goal is to guide you in creating the life you want, by helping you understanding and care for your wondrous nervous system.

What do you get with a membership to RESTORE?


1. A monthly pass to my virtual class Release, Rewire, and Restore, offered the second Sunday of the month. The class is offered again, the second Monday of the month, for those who can't make Sunday's class — or who want to come to both.

Learn more about the class HERE!


2. Access to the Restore video library, your daily resource for:

  • Somatic practice
  • Trauma education
  • Limbic system retraining program support
  • Spiritual formation
  • Class recordings
  • Q&A’s

New content added to the library throughout each month.

See an overview of the video library HERE


3. Access to a community forum where you can share your victories and ask Sarah questions.* She'll answer as many questions as she can in Q&A videos that will be added to the video library.


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"I am a therapist, and I've been in therapy myself for a while.
When I had physical symptoms that wouldn't resolve, I knew I needed to engage my body to take my growth to the next level, and I joined Restore. As I've utilized the information and resources in Restore, I have experienced important shifts in my growth and healing. A surprise bonus of engaging the mind-body practices from Restore is that I have been able to incorporate this knowledge into my work with my own clients. Incorporating somatic work with my clients has been especially beneficial to those with trauma. I'm grateful to be able to take my work to the next level, so I can't recommend the monthly classes and Restore enough to helping professionals."

-Caty, Licensed Therapist
Restore Testimonial

"Sarah Jackson’s Restore is like a breath of fresh air. If you want to foster a relationship full of compassion, respect and love with all parts of yourself - mind, body and spirit - you will probably love Restore as much as I do. Using her sharp mind and a gentle touch, Sarah brings together elements of brain retraining, somatic work and polyvagal theory to create a blended approach that is simultaneously gentle and rigorous. I feel like Sarah is exactly the kind of companion and guide I’ve been looking for on this journey of recovery and self-discovery. Thank you, Sarah!"

Restore Member

"Sarah’s understanding of the many different layers of nervous system healing — along with her thoughtfulness and creativity in how to blend them — is truly unparalleled. Restore has not only been an invaluable, impactful, and easy to incorporate program to be a part of, but feels like steady support on the winding journey."

Restore Member

Your RESTORE Annual Membership Guarantee

To make your decision to join Restore even easier, I offer a 30-day “tried and applied” moneyback guarantee to anyone who purchases the annual membership. This gives you the opportunity to try out Restore for the next 30 days and see if it’s a good fit for you. 

All you have to do is log into the member library and watch a handful of videos from the library, come to a virtual class — or watch the Zoom class playback — and post at least two questions in the forum. You can learn more about the Tried and Applied steps HERE.

If you don't find that Restore offers value to help you move forward on your healing journey, just reach out to me for a full refund. I want to make sure Restore is a good fit for you!

*The Try and Apply Guarantee does not apply to those who start with a monthly membership and upgrade to an annual membership. 


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